Rebecca Bowersox, Youth Service Worker

Rebecca Bowersox, Youth Service Worker


There are so many reasons that I could write about why I support Svante Myrick for Mayor.  It has been difficult to choose a single moment, a single character trait or a single political viewpoint, and I have come to the conclusion that is precisely why I support Svante, he has so many positive attributes he will be an outstanding Mayor.


Svante and I met many years ago during the summer.  He was interviewing at the Learning Web for a summer intern position for the city program.  At the outset of the interview he was the typical nervous student however as we spoke there was an unmistakable presence about him even though as he spoke his voice quivered a bit.  Our discussion that day was remarkable because he spoke with the conviction, dedication and wisdom of someone who should be much older, much more experienced.   What I thought, literally, was ok Cornell boy let’s see if you can prove it, let’s see if what you say matches what you can do.  Not only could his performance match his words but, in fact, he exceeded every expectation.


Several years ago, I was working with a youth that wanted to do an apprenticeship but it became apparent to me that in order for the apprenticeship to be successful this youth would need support from a mentor for the experience to be successful.  I wasn’t just looking for someone who would check in once in a while, I was looking for someone who would go with the youth every single time that youth worked, work with the youth and then process the day’s events.  There was only one person that came to mind that had that level of commitment to youth services, it was Svante.  Even though the apprenticeship has been over for several years the two, Svante and his mentee still maintain a connection with one another.  The simple fact that as busy as Svante is he still makes time to spend with this young person is absolutely astounding.


When elected Mayor of Ithaca Svante will inherit some very difficult issues but I have every confidence that he will make clear, concise decisions with respect to public opinion and with an emotional maturity that is well beyond his years.  There is an excerpt from a poem Maya Angelou wrote, On the Pulse of this New Morning, displayed in my office that makes me think of Svante.  It reads:

“Here on the pulse of this new day

You may have the grace to look up

In to your sister’s eyes

And into your brother’s face

Your country

And say simply

Very simply

With hope

Good Morning”

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