Keyasha Evans, IHS Student, former student of Svante’s

I first met Svante in middle school, I was in 6th grade and I didn’t really take school seriously. Over the next 2 years Svante, even though I was rude at times, taught me that school is important. From then on I learned to respect Svante and to take my work seriously.  To this day I am going into 11th grade. I finished off 10th with all A’s and one B, my GPA was a 3.76.

Without the tutoring from Svante, I wouldn’t be where I am in school today. This is only one of the many reasons I support and volunteer for Svante. I truly believe he can make good changes for Ithaca. He may be young but has bold leadership skills and good experience. He also listens well before making judgments or trying to come up with a solution. Svante is also a good friend, he is kind and caring. I plan to support him in any way I can because he truly has the qualities and visions of a Mayor.

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