Chloe Bowersox, High School Student

I was 11 years old when I first met Svante. He was working with my mom as a work study student at the Learning Web. Svante came over to my house when my parents were gone for a couple nights to watch over us, and during that short amount of time he taught me a lot. Living in Trumansburg was a very rough time for me, when Svante came and talked to me he showed me a better way of life. Svante advised me to stop getting into fights and start focusing on my work. When we got down to homework my only weak point was history. Svante showed me cool and fun ways to learn about Global Studies. His kindness and brilliance brought me to a point in life where I could count on a friend to help me out.  He basically helped me through all of the hard times in middle school. When Svante told me he was running for Mayor, I was very happy. I always knew Svante would lead this city into better light. His communication skills and his energy make him the perfect person for this job!

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