Laurie Linn, Local Business owner, President, Communique, D & M Inc.

It is my pleasure to support Svante Myrick for Mayor of the City of Ithaca!

I’m a local business owner and resident of Tompkins County.  I do lots of my business in the City, and believe that without a radiant, vibrant City of Ithaca, the ability of local businesses to thrive would be seriously compromised.  The City is a central blood line to our quality of life, economic development, the tourism experience, and the retail sector of our community.  We need a strong, well managed City to engage and grow our economy, society, and culture.

I have known Svante for two years now, and I have come to know a man who is sincere, listens, and shows compassion for all who he meets, no matter their socio-economic background, race, or culture.  I have grown to trust, admire, and appreciate his positive attitude and his “can do” spirit.  He is forward thinking and always focuses on what he can do for the good of the City.  I am consistently impressed by him and admire his ability to inspire and innovate, to seek out fresh ideas, and to bring people together to get things done.

Lastly, as a business owner, I believe that he has the vision, leadership and core strengths to move our City forward.  We need a City that is affordable to live, safe, and has access to mass transit and pedestrian pathways.  We need a City that is accountable and fiscally responsible.  And we need a City that can grow revenues, stimulate smart, sustainable economic development.  This will add to the tax base, which in turn will support every demographic that receives, needs, or directly benefits from the programs and services the City offers.

Svante, with his dedicated team, committed leaders of our community and the residents of the City of Ithaca will work together for the greater good.  Svante has the skills to create these cohesive relationships that will positively shape our future.  That gives me great peace of mind.

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