Tanya Vanasse, Executive Board Member, Ithaca Downtown Alliance

I support Svante Myrick for Mayor of Ithaca because I believe we need a strong leader who will take a stand on issues and be engaged in economic development.  Growth and change are critical to the success of our small upstate city. It is a necessity for Ithaca to grow in order for our businesses to prosper and our Not-for-Profits to continue to receive strong support from local citizens. You only have to look at surrounding towns to see what no growth and no change looks like.


Svante is interested in creative solutions that will bring new economic opportunities to Ithaca.  He listens to all and respects a diverse range of opinions. After meeting him, I believe he will be a strong, pragmatic leader, able to build consensus among a diverse population, and able to bring about positive change.


Tanya Vanasse

Executive Board Member, Downtown Ithaca Alliance

Personal endorsement – the DIA does not endorse political candidates


311 East Green Street Apt. 5C

Ithaca, New York 14850

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