Andrew Cochran, lifelong Republican

I have known Svante personally for 6 years. He’s been a close friend and confidant as well as a co-worker during that time. I can attest that he’s hard working, charismatic, but above all a great person who cares about others. Over the years we’ve had many political quarrels, but Svante remains my favorite person with whom to discuss important
issues. Our debates never become heated, because he’s understanding of others and their beliefs. He can see both sides of issues and remain objective. I can think of no better person to represent a city with so many different kinds of people. I feel confident in telling you he’ll do his BEST every day to better the city of Ithaca and fight for it’s residents. Please vote for Svante, he’ll be the first democrat for whom I vote!

Kind Regards,

Andrew Cochran

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