Dawn Potter, Administrative Assistant, Cornell University

Since I first met Svante Myrick several years ago, I have always been impressed with his genuine interest in making the community around him a better place.  While a student at Cornell, he found time to volunteer at the Varna Community Center, where he eagerly assisted with programs and events for the youth in the area.  Svante quickly jumped in and interacted with the children and adults, giving his best and showing great leadership.  He has an engaging personality and is respected by his peers.


While I do not live in the city, I have followed Svante’s political career and have been impressed with his endless energy, knowledge, attention to detail, and focus on making Ithaca and Tompkins County a great place to live.  He is open to listen to the people he works hard for and strives to succeed at whatever he sets his sights on.


Svante will go down in history as one of Ithaca’s best mayors.

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