Brett McGinnis, Co-worker

I am supporting Alderman Svante Myrick for Ithaca City Mayor.

I have worked with Svante in the Office of Alumni Affairs at Cornell University for
a little more than a year. I have quickly learned that he is an extremely diligent and
hardworking person who continually delivers on each project to which he is involved.
The City of Ithaca needs a Mayor, like Svante, who knows how to collaborate, cooperate,
and engage others in the work that they do.

On a personal note, I believe Svante’s most striking attribute is his sincere interest in the
values, opinions, and beliefs of those that surround him. In conversation, I feel that he
truly listens to what I am saying. He holds others’ views on high esteem such that he
persistently strives to develop a level of mutual respect and admiration. The City needs a
mayor that will listen to every citizen’s insights not only to listen but also to incorporate
his or her experiences to move this City forward. Svante Myrick will do this ceaselessly
and effectively to the benefit of all of the City’s residents.

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