Govind Acharya, Commissioner, Board of Public Works

I’m excited to be able to offer my support to Svante Myrick for Mayor of Ithaca!

As someone who is on two of the most important decision-making bodies in Ithaca (the Board of Public Works and the Planning/Development Board), I see a bright future in front of us if we can just take advantage of our potential. I believe that the person best suited to lead Ithaca into the future is Svante.

Svante understands that Ithaca’s infrastructure is in dire need of an overhaul, beyond the obvious “fixing the potholes,” and will work to ensure that our streets are livable, bikable, and walkable. He also understands that because of the large number of municipalities in our County, we need to work on consolidating services not just to save money but also to improve services for all of Tompkins County.

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