Martha Robertson, Chair, Tompkins County Legislature

I enthusiastically endorse Svante Myrick and urge city residents to vote for him on November 8.

Svante shows the competence, inclusiveness, and ability to listen that are key for someone to succeed as Mayor. He speaks so directly and clearly, that you know he’s thinking clearly. This is an essential quality in leading a diverse, energetic city and managing a large, complicated organization. He has led such an impressive campaign, it is clear that Svante knows how to motivate and empower people, while also keeping them focused and working together.

Temperament also matters in the high-stress role of Mayor, and Svante will not be flustered under pressure. While on Common Council he’s made some gutsy decisions, based on what he thought was best for the City, even if it wasn’t the most popular choice.

I am impressed with the background work Svante does on the issues, as he thoughtfully considers the nuances of difficult problems. Svante actually has more experience supervising staff, students, and volunteers – essential for the city’s chief executive – than his rivals.

Svante Myrick stands out among the field, based on his competence, intellect, experience, and temperament. He has what it takes to lead this city forward.

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