Nathan Shinagawa, Tompkins County Legislator , District 4

Over the past six years as a county legislator, I’ve worked closely with all three Democratic candidates for Mayor. Together, we’ve faced enormous challenges fighting the local effects of the national recession and the threat of hydrofracking. In those six years, Svante Myrick has taken on these problems with integrity, a profound sense of responsibility and a tireless dedication to finding solutions. That’s why I support him for Mayor.

My colleagues Martha Robertson, Chair of the Tompkins County Legislature, and Jim Dennis, Chair of the County’s Budget Committee both support Svante Myrick because they agree that he has the relevant experience and leadership qualities to be Ithaca Mayor.

In fact, Svante Myrick has more support on the County Legislature and City Council than any other candidate despite serving in government less than his opponents. There’s a simple reason for this. Svante is a true progressive leader. He respects process, empowers the often unheard to speak, and makes informed decisions when facing a crisis. While others have sat on committees for decades, Svante’s four years on Council has been about results. If you care about this city, please vote for Svante Myrick.

Nathan Shinagawa

Tompkins County Legislator , District 4

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