Eddie Rooker, Common Council, 4th Ward

I am proud to endorse mayoral candidate Svante Myrick. Svante has constantly proven himself
to be an intelligent, hardworking, and understanding decision maker during his years on
Common Council. He has impressed more of his peers than any of the other candidates have
during their years of public service, and has continually displayed a genuine commitment to
service in the Ithaca community.

More important than these traits though, Svante Myrick has a natural ability to inspire those
around him. Svante inspired me to get involved in the Ithaca community and run for Common
Council in 2009. I challenge you to find one person who has worked with Svante that has not
been inspired and equally impressed. It is this ability to inspire that makes Svante the perfect
candidate to lead Ithaca with a solid vision for the future. If we want to see our community in a
better place we need a leader who can inspire those around them to work towards a common
goal, whether those people are elected officials, city staff, or community members. This is
just one of the ways that Svante stands out from the other candidates and why he has my full

Edward Rooker
Ithaca Common Council, 4th Ward Alderperson

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