Cathy Valentino, Former Town Supervisor

As Ithaca Town Supervisor for 12 years, I had a strong commitment for intermunicipal cooperation.  An issue often talked about and supported but not really moved forward. As Town Supervisor, I was one of the founders of the Recreation Partnership and the County Council of Governments and also negotiated with the City for an improved formula for cross sharing of fire protection. The only way to move intermunicipal programs forward is to understand that relationship between governments needs to be a true, equal partnership. Svante understands and is dedicated to strengthening current agreements and developing new ones. Intermunicipal cooperation cuts costs while improving efficiencies and helps develop new, innovative programs.


Svante also understands the financial problems the City is facing and is honest and straightforward about the difficult solutions.


At last a voice that is not rehashing the same old rhetoric but is a breath of fresh air with energy, dedication and the understanding of tough issues that will help the hardworking citizens of our community build a better future.


Cathy Valentino

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