Jennifer Dotson, Alderperson, 1st Ward

As someone who prioritizes working with fellow community members and organizations to promote for human-powered transportation, social equity, and protection of our water and land, I’m excited to support Svante Myrick for Mayor.

Svante has served for four years on Common Council’s Planning and Economic Development Committee, which I chair. In the years I’ve worked with him on Common Council, he has consistently put great weight on the concerns of constituents. He has shown an ability to navigate a difficult path through compromises and practical realities to workable solutions.

I’ve disagreed with some of his positions, but not with his careful approach.  He has the experience to know when to propose and follow through with bold steps that our community needs, and can’t wait for.

Svante has offered the most promising and concrete solutions for our local challenges of all the candidates. We need inspiring leaders like Svante to engage more people in city government and create positive change.

Jennifer Dotson, Green Party, 1st Ward

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