Dominic Frongillo, Deputy Town Supervisor, Caroline

I’m supporting Svante Myrick to lead Ithaca and our region towards a
clean energy future.

Svante understands that last century’s dirty fossil-fuel economy is
degrading our health, our environment, and our economy.  He
understands that transitioning to clean energy requires active
leadership from the Mayor.

At the Green Economy candidate forum, Svante was the only candidate
who voiced the need for the City to inventory its greenhouse gas
emissions, prioritize strategies to reduce emissions from City
operations and the community, and retain a full-time Energy &
Sustainability Coordinator to lead the inventory and action plan

As our region faces common threats from hydraulic fracturing, climate
disruption, and economic instability, we need active leadership to
create common solutions.  Svante understands that the destiny of the
City is interlinked with the destiny of our region; that the only
long-term strategy for stopping dirty fossil fuel extraction, dealing
with climate change, and building a vibrant economy is transitioning
to a clean energy economy.

Svante is an active leader and will bring together partners, nurture
innovation, and champion smart solutions.  In the face of our region’s
common challenges and opportunities, I can think of no better person
to work with than Svante Myrick.

Dominic Frongillo
Deputy Town Supervisor
Town of Caroline

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