Youth Services

I have spent years serving Ithaca’s young people as a tutor and mentor in Boynton Middle School, Ithaca High School and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County (CCETC).  I serve on the board of Greater Ithaca Activity Center (GIAC) and CCETC and I chaired the Committee to Create the Ithaca Youth Council.

I understand that the youth of this community need only to be empowered.  If we provide them with a safe and positive environment we can produce a generation of young people that will change the world.

Our youth programs need to do more than provide a safe space and recreation, though this is incredibly important.

They also must provide our young people with job-training and life skills, teach them how to use a credit card responsibly and open a bank account, how to do well at interviews.  And they must engage our youth on difficult issues like racism, sexism, and hetero-centrism.  Our youth programs provide a perfect venue for creating a generation of empowered, capable, and accepting Ithacans.

The Mayor must be an effective and persuasive advocate at the State level for local youth funding.

The City of Ithaca should:

  • Continue to support GIAC, the Southside Community Center, and the Ithaca Youth Bureau
  • Work to ensure our youth programs are not just recreational, but also meaningful.
  • Urge the state to continue their support. We need youth programs now, not incarceration programs later

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