Environmental Sustainability

Ithaca is a progressive community that understands stewardship to our environment is among our most important responsibilities. The quality of life of this and the next generation will be determined by how we take care of our water, air, forests, and natural areas.

Ithaca has been a leader in promoting sustainability. I’m proud to have been part of these efforts, working to bring recycling bins to Collegetown, consistently advocating public transportation and energy efficiency, and consistently opposing hydrofracking.

But there is still more we can be doing.

Ithaca needs bold, innovative leadership to move our City towards a more sustainable future.

We must continue and expand “green” purchasing to ensure tax dollars aren’t going to products and companies that destroy our environment and inflict harm on other communities. Using Sweat-Free Ithaca as a model, we can work with other municipalities, State, and Federal agencies to use our market power to move the global economy in a more sustainable direction.

We should continue to fight against sprawl and encourage smart, focused development in our City’s core.

If we couple this focused development with expanded sidewalks and more bike-lanes, we can encourage more walking and biking, reduce traffic, and create a more sustainable, community-focused City

We should launch a City-wide discussion about transitioning our community away from coal burning and towards more renewable sources of energy. We should work with neighboring municipalities to re-investigate the possibility of expanded wind and solar energy production in the area, such as Enfield wind, and seek to attract high-tech, renewable energy industries that could take advantage of our environmentally-conscious and well educated workforce. This is a long-term project who’s work will extend well beyond the term of the next Mayor. But if we are to continue to be a voice of progress in the 21st Century, we must begin this effort.

And of course, we must continue to do everything in our power to combat unsafe hydrofracking and ensure that companies do not profit from the contamination of our water, air, and natural spaces. This means not only banning fracking within the City, but also working with other communities in our water-shed and all of New York State to ensure our citizens continue to have access to safe drinking water.

Ithaca needs effective leadership to serve as an advocate in Albany, so that unsafe drilling in our neighboring communities does not put our water at risk.


In the coming month’s the campaign will be seeking input on each and every issue before the city.  We are eager to use this input to inform our platform.  Check back regularly for updates and if you’d like to speak with Svante about any of these issues please contact us here.

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