Public Private Partnerships

Ithaca is a community with incredible human resources. We have diverse, well-educated, creative, and ambitious population that knows how to work together to get things done.

On Council, I worked with community groups like Cornell’s Sustainability Hub to bring recycling bins to college town.  City government would not have been able to do this on its own, and it took commitment and energy from dedicated students who wanted to make their environment cleaner and more sustainable.

I also worked with community groups, including the Tompkins County Workers’ Center and Catholic Charities, to push the Sweat Free Ithaca initiative, which sought to ensure our police and firefighter uniforms aren’t made in sweatshops.  This great initiative wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated members of our community who put in the hard work to research this issue and bring reasonable proposals to Council.

Another excellent example of this is the recent Restaurant Owners Manual, put together by the Tompkins County Workers’ Center. This manual, which helps restaurant owners decipher and comply with complicated labor law, was an incredibly cooperative effort.

The Workers’ Center, local restaurant owners, County Legislatures, City staff, and State officials all worked together to produce and distribute this manual, which will protect the rights of our workers and help owners ensure they’re complying with the law.

My Campaign Chair and County Legislature Nate Shinagawa was intimately involved in this effort, and I draw inspiration from his ability to bring together different segments of our community to get things done.

As Mayor, I will continue to foster these kinds of relationships, using my office as a focal point for which different members of the community can come together to move Ithaca forward.

In the coming month’s the campaign will be seeking input on each and every issue before the city.  We are eager to use this input to inform our platform.  Check back regularly for updates and if you’d like to speak with Svante about any of these issues please contact us here.

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