I support a fracking ban in the City of Ithaca, and am working on Council to make this happen. I also believe the City should refuse to treat fracking waste water in our water treatment facilities, as an upcoming resolution from the City’s planning department will demand.

However, our watershed does not follow political boundaries. If the other communities in our watershed are unable to prevent companies from drilling, this will prove a risk to all of our region’s drinking water, pollute our air, and add thousands of trucks to our roads.

If we are going to protect our watershed and the quality of life in this area, we need to work with neighboring communities to stop fracking altogether.

I applaud Dryden, Ulysses, and the Town of Ithaca for taking a bold stand on this issue, and look forward to our City and other neighboring towns doing the same.

But this isn’t enough.

One creative way to deal with fracking is to work with the Finger Lakes Land Trust to buy land along our water shed to take it off limits to drilling companies.  This is the kind of innovative solution I will continue to pursue as Mayor.

As a member of the Southern Tier Economic Development Infrastructure Committee, I’ve been fighting to make sure Albany invests in the infrastructure of the 21st Century (rural broadband access, alternative transportation, and clean energy) and not in he infrastructure of dirty energy.  I’ll continue this fight as Mayor and make sure Albany hears us.

It’s important to remember that we all use electricity, and that this electricity must come from somewhere.  Currently, the vast majority of our energy comes from the coal-fired power plant in Lansing, and coal also has devastating impacts on communities around the world.

It is not acceptable to be forced to choose between allowing drilling companies to destroy our community, or purchasing coal that is destroying other communities around the country.

We must pursue more energy efficiency and clean, safe energy.

We need a Mayor who will be a forceful advocate for our City and press Albany to ban fracking state-wide, and to pursue a smart, 21st Century energy policy.

As Mayor, I will make it a priority to actively advocate for a state-wide ban of all hydrofracking, and I will use my position on the Southern Tier Economic Development Committee to push for a sensible energy policy on the regional and state level.



In the coming month’s the campaign will be seeking input on each and every issue before the city.  We are eager to use this input to inform our platform.  Check back regularly for updates and if you’d like to speak with Svante about any of these issues please contact us here.