A Walkable City

I choose not to own a car and get where I’m going by walking, taking the TCAT, and using Ithaca Carshare.

I have a real interest in keeping the City of Ithaca among the most pedestrian and bike friendly places in the nation, and believe we should continue to invest in bike-infrastructure, pedestrian space, and public transportation.

Cities where residents walk and ride bikes are cities where local business can thrive. They’re cities where people run into familiar faces on the street, where a strong sense of community is fostered.

Denser, pedestrian focused, development will allow more residents to get to work, the store, their favorite restaurant – all without a car. This will reduce traffic, ease the strain on our infrastructure, save tax-payers money, promote local businesses, and help us become a more sustainable, community-focused City.

In the coming month’s the campaign will be seeking input on each and every issue before the city.  We are eager to use this input to inform our platform.  Check back regularly for updates and if you’d like to speak with Svante about any of these issues please contact us here.

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