A Progressive Community

Ithaca is, and must remain, a forward thinking and progressive community.

We are a community that understands the way things are now is not the way things must be, nor the way things will work in the future; that to stay still and rely on the old ways of doing business is to become stagnant and irrelevant.

We are a community that values the inherent dignity of all people, that believes in fundamental human rights, and that understands our responsibility for endowing a better world to future generations.

On the Council I have sought to move Ithaca into the 21st Century while upholding our moral responsibilites to the global community of which we are a part. As Mayor, I will continue to be a voice for progress and change in Ithaca, in Albany, and around the world.

Unions and a Living Wage

Environmental Sustainability

Sweat-Free Ithaca

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