Sweat-Free Ithaca

Part of our responsibility to the global economy lies in knowing where the products we purchase come from and the impact our money has on communities around the world.

I believe that the tax dollars of our citizens should not go to companies that do not respect the rights of their workers.

That is why I’ve been a consistent advocate of the Sweat-Free Ithaca initiative.

This initiative, brought forth by a coalition of the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, student organizations, and local labor unions, seeks to ensure City uniforms (police, firefighter, bus driver, etc.) are manufactured in factories where workers’ basic rights are respected.

The legislation promoting this initiative was voted on, and approved, last month, positioning Ithaca as a leader in the national “Sweat-Free Communities” movement.

As Mayor, I will continue to push this initiative. I’ll also always seek out ideas from the community on how to ensure Ithaca is living up to our values.

To learn more about Sweat-Free Communities, check out http://www.sweatfree.org/.

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